Corran Integrated Primary School and Nursery

Learning Together, Growing Together

Blackcave North, Larne, County Antrim, BT40 1TP

028 2827 3455

Welcome to our school staff page!

School Staff:  


Acting Principal

Mrs Denise Macfarlane

Mr Kevin Furey

School Leadership Team:  
SENCO Mrs Frances Taylor

Assessment Coordinator

Mr Kevin Furey (Maths)

Mr Raymond O'Toole (Literacy)

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Ms Julie Moore


Class Teachers:  
Primary 1 Mrs Frances Taylor
Primary 2 Ms Julie Moore
Primary 3 Mr Raymond O'Toole
Primary 4 Miss Jennifer Swann
Primary 5 Mrs Denise Macfarlane
Primary 6 Mr Alistair Kane

Primary 7

Mr Kevin Furey

Nursery Staff:

Nursery Teacher Mrs Barbara Kennedy
Nursery Assistant


Mrs Sharon Hamilton


Support Staff:  
Primary 1/2 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Karen Rea

Mrs Emma McClean

Primary 2/3 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Jane Ogilby

Mrs Karen Rea

SEN Classroom Assistant

Mrs Carla Kerr

Mrs Heather McCombe

Mrs Carol Bouma

Miss Erin Kelso

Miss Heather Preshaw

Office Staff

Mrs Diane McCourt

Mrs Joanne Carmichael

Caretaker Mr Johnny Hamill

Mrs Arlene Cooke

Mrs Jacqueline Ogilby

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Sylvia McLoughlin

Mrs Hilary Todd

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Claire Allen

Mrs Sharon Russell

Ms Sarah McCleave