Admissions Information

Open Mornings take place every November.

 Alternatively, prospective parents are most welcome to contact the school office to make an appointment with the Principal. They will then have the opportunity to see around the school and ask any questions they may have.

Parents wishing to apply for a Nursery or P1 place for their child should apply through the Education Authority Admissions Portal which goes live in January each year. 

Please make sure to add all relevant details that are appropriate to the school's admission criteria on the form.

As an integrated school, children of differing religions are educated together at Corran.  When applying the admissions criteria, the School Board of Governors will strive to ensure a balance of 40% Protestant, 40% Roman Catholic and 20% other religions or those of no religious beliefs.  This religious balance is in accordance with the statement of principles of the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (N.I.C.I.E).