Our Aims


The ethos of Corran Integrated Primary School begins in the Nursery unit. We are dedicated to the provision of an effective, caring education which will enable children to fulfil their intellectual and physical potential, whilst supporting their moral, spiritual, social, aesthetic and emotional growth. Nursery is your child’s first step along his/her educational journey. We aim to create a secure, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment that provides children with a broad, well balanced programme of knowledge and experiences that will provide for the pupils' general developmental needs.

Knowledge begins in experience, not in words, and so the pre-school curriculum is based on a process of growth and experiences where the child is the active learner/participator. The staff provide well planned experiences, which allow the child to develop the skills and knowledge that form the very basis of later learning and living.

The range of learning experiences that your child will engage in will include activities of creativity, early mathematical concepts, emotional and social development, health and hygiene, imagination and play, language development (talking and listening), musical appreciation and enjoyment and physical play (both indoors and outdoors).

Corran Nursery unit has an anti-discriminatory approach to the curriculum which embraces differences and similarities of culture, religion, gender and physical ability.