Parental Involvement

At Corran parents are involved at all levels in the school and are automatically members of the Parents' Council which meets regularly to discuss relevant issues and opportunities for fund raising that might arise throughout the academic year.


Parents can also become members of the Board of Governors who manage the school.  Parents can assist in school with school trips and use their specific expertise to help during club time.


Good communication between parents and school staff is essential to the smooth running of the school.  Parents are communicated with regularly through newsletters  and weekly bulletins.  Parent / Teacher consultations are arranged twice a year to discuss pupil progress and further meetings can be arranged by appointment by contacting the school office. A written report is completed annually with regards to each child's progress.  Class information evenings for parents take place in September to inform them of what the children will be learning and to enable them prepare them for that academic year.

The parents of prospective pupils of children in Nursery and Primary One are encouraged to attend open days in November and January to meet the Principal and teaching staff and visit children at work in their classrooms. However, throughout the school year the Principal is always available to meet prospective parents.  Appointments can be made through the school office for this purpose.

Parents are always welcome at Corran and positive relationships between teachers and parents are evident to all who visit the school.