As an integrated school we provide a positive learning environment where children from Catholic and Protestant backgrounds, as well as those of other faiths and none, can learn with, from and about each other.

We deliver a child-centred education to all our pupils.

We are a learning school!

  • We think it is important for everyone to learn throughout their life


  • We understand that everyone learns in different ways


  • We support everyone to learn to the best of their ability

We are a caring & sharing school!

  • We celebrate together


  • We invite visitors from our community to share with us


  • We believe that every child is special and unique


  • We look after each other


  • We take good care of our school grounds


  • We take good care of our school resources

We are a healthy school!

  • We have healthy snacks at breaktime


  • We drink water to help us think clearly


  • We have healthy dinners and packed lunches


  • We enjoy outdoor play


  • We learn and  enjoy lots of different sports 

We are a Rights Respecting School and have gained Recognition of Commitment from UNICEF