School Policies


Corran Integrated Primary School implements a number of policies and strategies, for example anti-bullying and promoting positive behaviour, which are designed to ensure the well-being of all and safe guard the interests of all. 


The school also has a child protection policy designed to safeguard each child in our school.  The School Safeguarding Team consists of the Principal - Mrs Macfarlane, the Designated Teacher for Child Protection - Miss Julie Moore and the Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection - Mr Kevin Furey. Your point of contact for child protection in the Nursery Unit is Mrs Barbara Kennedy.  The Designated Governor for child protection is Mrs Ann McKeown.


If you would like to learn more about the provision of pastoral care in the school or would like a copy of the policy please contact the office.  In addition to this all other school policies can also be obtained by contacting the school office.


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 Addressing Bullying Policy- CORRAN IPS sept 2021 docx.docxDownload
 Admissions Policy.pdfDownload
 Attendance at School addendum.docxDownload
 Complaints Procedure Policy.pdfDownload
 Corran IPS Assessment Policy Reviewed June 2020.docxDownload
 Corran IPS Data Protection Policy.pdfDownload
 CORRAN IPS Drugs-Policy Ratified Dec 2021.docxDownload
 Corran IPS Health and Safety Policy.pdfDownload
 Corran IPS Learning and Teaching Policy .docxDownload
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